Ready to live free from feeling defeated and trapped, struggling to progress, battling with exhaustion, never seeing change and other overwhelming issues? That's the power Illuminate offers and it's yours today.

Light up. Live true:

how Illuminate changes.

The Illuminate Program taps into authenticity—the true power within—to ground you, help you thrive, grow from challenges, cement your identity, and position you to emerge as a beacon to others. It leads you to find purpose, born from within and outworked to rekindle drive and a sense of fulfillment. And it does all this by establishing new and lasting mental peace and inner wellbeing.

The works.

Illuminate is a holistic and transformative program, where we do the real work at the subconscious level. Transformation inside drives impact outside. The program is backed by proven self-discovery techniques that address prohibitive thoughts, beliefs and behaviours leading to:

Increased stress and exhaustion

Feeling trapped and defeated

Living without authenticity

Lacking confidence in your ability to create change.

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You will transition from overwhelmed:
  • No goals

  • Living without peace or purpose

  • Unable to make decisions

  • Comfortable with being comfortable

  • Disconnected from values

  • Running on autopilot

To in control
and energised:
  • Clearly defined goals

  • Living purposefully

  • Grounded, focused and speaking your truth

  • Comfortable in discomfort

  • Connected with values

  • Empowered

Illuminate is your personal transformation journey.

A 7-week, deep-diving, life-changing virtual program with live learning sessions and fortnightly action group coaching sessions. Because of the close, interactive nature of the program, it's capped at 12 participants. You'll go from Checked Out to Lit Up and walk away with new confidence, influence and energy. In a supportive and encouraging space, you'll learn, grow, forge lasting connections and

emerge transformed


Ready to begin?
Who is Illuminate for?

Women who work, run a business, or do it all while raising a family. You may be at a career crossroads and unsure about what comes next. If you're lacking confidence, struggling to find purpose, burnt out, or simply feeling lost, then Illuminate is for you.

Facing the future:

why Illuminate matters.

There's great freedom in gaining mental peace and inner wellbeing—especially in the midst of uncertainty. Our world now demands more of us than ever—to do more and be more while staying perfectly in control. We've all been witness to recent, unprecedented leaps toward an unfamiliar norm; a quantum shift that has exposed and proliferated our deepest fears and anxieties.


We're forced to evolve into leaders of change—yet what we're more certain of than ever is our inability to influence, affect or redirect our current state. Socrates believes the secret of change lay in focusing all our energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.


But the new is not to be built out there, it's to be built in here, by you and within you.


You don't need any more strength.

You only need to realise how

strong you already are.

— Vironika Tugaleva

Navigating modern complexities takes a daring approach, one that originates and steers from the inside out. You've heard of becoming an anchor, a bedrock, a foundation—all of which allude to shaping something new. But you're already solid, powerful, effortlessly immovable. In you is the key to quelling the constant rush of nerves and to passing confidently through the unknown. In a growing atmosphere of uncertainty, dismay and unease, be empowered to go deep, stand strong and burn bright.

The figures.

More women than men experience high or very high levels of psychological distress and at least 1 in 7 women report experiencing an anxiety-related condition. Around 1 in 6 women in Australia will go through depression, and 1 in 3 women will suffer from anxiety during their lifetime.*


Add events of global proportions that threaten stability, purpose and livelihood, and the numbers instantly skyrocket.


Discover a more resilient you.

Illuminate guides you from Checked Out to Lit Up through a dedicated process that draws you out of survival mode. Increase resilience, experience lasting breakthrough, and live with energy and influence.

Checked Out: Change seems impossible. Life is a juggling act; your strengths and skills are not recognised. There is disconnect from yourself and your potential. You lack confidence to speak up and run on autopilot.

Stepping Up: Determined to progress but the struggle remains. Loss of forward momentum leads to feeling overwhelmed. It is an unsustainable dynamic that quickly wears you down. You reach a critical point of breakdown or breakthrough.

Lit Up: Breakthrough leads to newfound energy and influence. Insights and strategies to deal with challenges keep you buoyant at all times. You have purpose, a clear path forward, and conviction in your leadership.

Where do you sit?

Redefining you from within.

Through mastering self-awareness, Illuminate rebuilds and elevates in three specific ways:


  1. Identity: Helping you understand who you truly are and what stops you from being that brilliant person

  2. Innovation: Enabling you to look differently at almost everything in life, which aids evolution and adaptation during tough times

  3. Influence: Developing your influence as a result of claiming your identity and ability to innovate

Together, this powerful trio releases potential, improves proficiency and cultivates your presence.

Meet Deidre,
Your Coach.

I'm glad you're here and look forward to working together.


So, a few years back, I found myself caught in a toxic cycle of low confidence, fear and self-doubt. It was a precarious and debilitating way to exist that could only be countered by realising I was everything I needed to be brilliant.


If you're feeling lost, stripped of confidence, anxious or unable to escape self-doubt, I want you to know this: I get it. I understand the challenges you face and as an authority in my field, I'm here to help.


You have the ability to live at your highest level yet and I'm passionate about helping you do that. I'm on fire to support you to step forward and become all that you can be. When you're connected to yourself, living a more intentional life tapped into your power, you can ignite, enable and uplift everyone around you. You can effect change for the better.


Own your power.

Ready to dig deep and emerge strong?

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A woman connected to her truth

stands powerfully,

rises above her circumstances,

and lights the way for others.

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Illuminate transforms lives.

Fitted for Work Program


Local Engagement Officer (LEO)

Department of Health and Human Services

Deidre Dattoli is an amazing coach. I was fortunate enough to get the job I wanted but had no previous experience. Deidre was amazing because very quickly she took on the role as my mentor and coach. She was anything and everything I needed to feel engaged and grounded. Deidre worked with me to identify shortcomings in my mindset and how, sub-consciously, I was hindering myself. I will never forget the wonderful lessons and self-discovery that helped make me feel and work better to achieve my goals. I now know I am a much better person for having received this coaching opportunity and would recommend it to anyone. Thank you for sharing your wonderful gifts with me. I will never forget them or you!

Deidre is an incredibly dedicated and caring mentor, and a very genuine and beautiful person. Her approach is grounded in wisdom with a particularly intuitive and holistic approach that is perfect for me. By the end of each conversation I always feel so 'met'. On a practical level, I have been able to make many positive changes and improvements in both my professional and personal life. I know I am moving in a much more authentic direction and feel that my life is becoming more aligned with what my heart truly wants. Thank you, Deidre. I am so grateful for your invaluable support.

Ready to take the first step?



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10 Minute Meditation


Listen to your body in a new way and learn how to release any stress, tension, or uncomfortable sensations.


Try the 10 minute body scan meditation.

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