If goals are not true to the self, then the pursuit of those

goals becomes meaningless


Deidre's philosophy for effecting positive, and sustainable change is based on intellectual and spiritual foundations, utilising both theory and practice, to create a set of methodologies for accessing and leveraging the authentic self across all areas of our personal and professional lives.


Simply put, Deidre's philosophy is based on providing individuals and teams a better sense of who they really are, devoid of any pre-programmed ideals, and expectations, stripped of fear, and limiting beliefs, and armed with the confidence to use that authenticity across all areas of their lives and of the lives of those around them.


Traditional personal development models begin with the establishment of a series of goals, however if those goals are not true to the self – ie they are those “expected of us” then the pursuit of these goals becomes meaningless, and demotivating over time.


Similarly traditional leadership development programs focus on the group as a whole rather than its individuals, failing to address the crucial elements of individual beliefs, biases and fears that limit individuals ability to maximise their personal performance and thereby impacting the groups overall ability to effect positive and lasting performance gains.


Deidre's motto of "effecting positive change one person at a time' is based on the belief that in order to lead others effectively one must first learn to lead the self in a way that is congruent with their authenticity.

“Freedom is found when we let go of who we’re supposed to be
and embrace who we really are”


~People of the Second Chance

“effecting positive change

one person at a time”