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Tap your inner strength, rebuild your self-confidence, and finally put an end to the overwhelm with personalised guidance and powerful strategies that'll awaken your spirit.

Are you tired of being in survival mode and trying to be everything to everyone?

Do you struggle with exhaustion and overwhelm, both in your career and at home?

Are you feeling defeated, trapped, or on the brink of burnout?

Ignite can help.

This program is for women who work, run a business, or do it all while raising a family. You may be at a career crossroads and unsure about what comes next.

If you're lacking confidence, struggling to find purpose, burnt out, or simply feeling lost, then Ignite is for you.

This is your chance to make your inner wellbeing a priority.

The program taps into authenticity - the true power within - to ground you, help you thrive, grow from challenges, cement your identity, and position you to emerge as a beacon to others. It leads you to find your unique sense of purpose, born from within and outworked to rekindle drive and a sense of fulfilment.

And it does this by establishing new and lasting mental peace, emotional resilience, and inner wellbeing.

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Light up.
Live true:
How Illuminate 


The works
Ignite is a holistic and transformative program where we do the real work at the subconsicious level.
Transformation inside drives impact outside.
The program is backed by proven, evidence-based practices and techniques that address prohibitive thoughts, beliefs, and behaviours leading to:

       Increased stress and exhaustion
       Feeling trapped and defeated
       Living without authenticity
       Lacking confidence in your ability to create change.

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Transition from overwhelmed


A lack of direction

Living without purpose

Unable to make decisions

Comfortable with being comfortable

Disconnected from values

Running on autopilot

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In control and energised

Clearly defined direction

Living purposefully

Grounded, focused and speaking your truth

Comfortable in discomfort

Connected with values


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Facing the future:

why Ignite matters.

There's great freedom in gaining mental peace, emotional resilience, and inner wellbeing - especially in the midst of uncertainty. Our world now demands more of us than ever - to do more and be more while staying perfectly in control. We've all been witness to recent, unprecedented leaps toward an unfamiliar norm; a quantum shift that has exposed and proliferated our deepest fears and anxieties.


We're forced to evolve into leaders of change - yet what we're more certain of than ever is our inability to influence, affect or redirect our current state. Socrates believes the secret of change lay in focusing all our energy not on fighting the old but on building the new.


But the new is not to be built out there. It's to be built in here, by you and within you.

ready to

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You don't need any more strength.
You only need to realise how strong you already are.

- Vironika Tugaleva


Navigating modern complexities takes a daring approach, one that originates and steers from the inside out. You've heard of becoming an anchor, a bedrock, a foundation - all of which allude to shaping something new. But you're already solid, powerful, effortlessly immovable. In you is the key to quelling the constant rush of nerves and to passing confidently through the unknown. In a growing atmosphere of uncertainty, dismay and unease, be empowered to go deep, stand strong and burn bright.

The figures paint a grim picture.

More women than men experience high or very high levels of psychological distress, and at least 1 in 7 women report experiencing an anxiety-related condition. Around 1 in 6 women in Australia will go through depression, and 1 in 3 women will suffer from anxiety during their lifetime (beyondblue.org.au).

Add events of global proportions that threaten stability, purpose and livelihood, and the numbers instantly skyrocket.

How you can discover a more resilient you.

Ignite guides you from Checked Out to Lit Up through a dedicated process that draws you out of survival mode. Increase resilience, experience lasting breakthrough, and live with energy and influence.

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Where do you sit?

Checked Out: Change seems impossible. Life is a juggling act; your strengths and skills are not recognised. There is a disconnect between yourself and your potential, and you run on autopilot. You're destined for more, and you yearn for it, but lack the confidence to take that first step.


Stepping Up: Determined to progress, but the struggle remains. Loss of forward momentum leads to feeling overwhelmed. It is an unsustainable dynamic that quickly wears you down. You reach a critical point of breakdown or breakthrough.


Lit Up: Breakthrough leads to newfound energy and influence. Insights and strategies to deal with challenges keep you buoyant at all times. You have a unique sense of purpose, a clear path forward, and conviction in your leadership.

Ignite will redefine you from within.

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Through mastering self-awareness, Ignite rebuilds and elevates in three specific ways:


1. Identity: Helping you understand who you truly are and what stops you from being that brilliant person


2. Innovation: Enabling you to look differently at almost everything in life, which aids evolution and adaptation during tough times


3. Influence: Developing your influence as a result of claiming your identity and ability to innovate


Together, this powerful trio releases potential, improves proficiency and cultivates your presence.

Don't miss this opportunity. Numbers are strictly limited.
Ready to Ignite...
Program commences: 24th August 2021

Have a question about Ignite?

Ignite is 
your personal 

Ignite is designed for women who want to move from Checked Out to Lit Up during these unfamiliar and uncertain times.

Together, with an 8-week, deep-diving, life-changing virtual program, we'll work on uncovering your true expression, building your specific plan from ideation to implementation, and help you build the framework YOU need to stay on track.

All the support you need.

In a supportive and encouraging space, you'll learn, grow, forge lasting connections and emerge transformed.


The program includes access to 4 group action coaching sessions, and it's this personal attention that makes Ignite truly special. In fact, the number of participants in the program is limited, so you'll benefit from the time dedicated to one-on-one personal advice.


Our group action coaching sessions will help embed the learnings and give you the support you need to fully embrace the Ignite journey.


Just as geese, when flying in formation, can fly faster and much further than they ever could alone, you'll tap into the magical power of the collective and supportive partnerships and shine your light - this is ignite.

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Get ready
to transform

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Meet Deidre, your coach.

I'm glad you're here and look forward to working together.

So, a few years back, I found myself caught in a toxic cycle of low confidence, fear and self-doubt. It was a precarious and debilitating way to exist that could only be countered by realising I was everything I needed to be brilliant.

If you're feeling lost, stripped of confidence, anxious or unable to escape self-doubt, I want you to know this: I get it. I understand the challenges you face, and as an authority in my field, I'm here to help.

You have the ability to live at your highest level yet, and I'm passionate about helping you do that. I"m on fire to support you to step forward and become all that you can be.

When you're connected to yourself, living a more intentional life tapped into your power, you can ignite, enable and uplift everyone around you. You can effect change for the better.


Laying the foundation for success and connecting with possibility.

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We'll begin with a meet and greet and get familiar with the program elements and learning platform. There'll be time to review our pre-work, with a focus on possibility and potential. Let's envision a future that does not yet exist and anchor to where you want to go.

Module 1

Module 2

Discover the three principles of transformation. Plus, learn the three key shifts you can make in order to get the most out of the program and have this experience be a turning point for success.


Going inwards to connect with your intentions and create alignment. This inner work will help you become more self-aware of your identity, allowing the real work to be done at the subconscious level and leading to outer change and action. 

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Module 3

Uncover those stories that form your inner glass ceiling and the patterns that have repeated themselves time and again, preventing you from creating your desire and vision. Consider what opportunities might open up if you shift into a new relationship with yourself.

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Module 4

Connect with your sense of purpose and values. Purpose is our guiding light or an orientation, not a destination. Understand what it really means to live a life with a sense of purpose and discover what you truly value in life.

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Module 5

Taking back responsibility of your emotions. Learn how to manage your feelings rather than them controlling you. No one can make us feel anything without our permission, and blaming others for our situation or how we feel hands them control over our life.

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Module 6

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Module 7

Understand the truth about stress and anxiety, plus the neuroscience behind it. Explore your current relationship with pressure, and develop your own stress management (recharge) toolkit to effectively manage stress and pressure in your daily life.

Learn why boundaries are necessary, not optional. Delve into your feelings about boundaries and why we're often taught to be very reactive or forceful when setting them. Reclaim your time, energy, and agency through creating healthy boundaries.

Stage 3 - CLARITY

The outer work that leads to living into authenticity and having an impact. Discover how to present yourself out in the world and begin shining your light. 

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Module 8

Discover the seven principles that underpin effortless presence so you can enhance your impact and influence for great outcomes. We'll bring it all together and create the next steps you'll need in order to achieve the most significant impact.


8 module program to take you from Checked Out to Lit Up

Pre-work opportunities to establish clear intentions

Weekly live webinars (90min each)

Access to ALL Ignite resources on our central learning platform

4 supportive group action coaching sessions (60min each)

Access to our private ignite Facebook group

A blended approach to maximise your outcomes

Bonus webinar - 'The 5 Critical Ignite Practices to Keep Your Buoyant'

Early-bird bonus:

2 additional one-on-one coaching sessions (pre and post-program)

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This is your moment. Own your power.

Ready to dig deep and emerge strong?

The next program starts 24th August 2021

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A woman connected to her truth stands powerfully, rises above her circumstances, and lights the way for others. 


In keeping with Deidre's commitment to quality, she wants to make it as easy as possible for you to say yes to this program, and yes to you.


If you're not completely satisfied after the second session, you will receive a full refund. 


Deidre is an incredibly dedicated and caring mentor, and a very genuine and beautiful person. Her approach is grounded in wisdom with a particularly intuitive and holistic approach that is perfect for me. By the end of each conversation I always feel so 'met'.


On a practical level, I have been able to make many positive changes and improvements in both my professional and personal life. I know I am moving in a much more authentic direction and feel that my life is becoming more aligned with what my heart truly wants.


Thank you, Deidre.

I am so grateful for your invaluable support.” 

—  Tonia Golding, Fitted for Work Program

Deidre Dattoli is an amazing coach. I was fortunate enough to get the job I wanted but had no previous experience. Deidre was amazing because very quickly she took on the role as my mentor and coach. She was anything and everything I needed to feel engaged and grounded.


Deidre worked with me to identify shortcomings in my mindset and how, sub-consciously, I was hindering myself. I will never forget the wonderful lessons and self-discovery that helped make me feel and work better to achieve my goals. I now know I am a much better person for having received this coaching opportunity and would recommend it to anyone.


Thank you for sharing your wonderful gifts with me.

I will never forget them or you!

—  Vicki Burgess, Local Engagement Officer (LEO)

Department of Health and Human Services

Here's what others ask before they join Ignite.

I know I need this, but I'm already so busy. Won't this just add to my overwhelm?

No one cal tell you what you're capable of right now. But if you're asking this question, then you may already be at capacity and on your way to burnout. And this program covers the steps that'll help you turn things around. That feeling of being busy all the time, overwhelmed, and defeated isn't just rough. It's also harmful long term. No one should live tlike that. And the good news is, you don't have to. Ignite holds the strategies to reduce this overwhelm, processes that will help you rebuild your confidence, and gives you the permission to focus on yourself for once.

Are you going to ask me to do things that are out of my reach, and I'll end up feeling even worse about my life?

No, definitely not. Part of the reason this program works is because every element you’ll be focusing on is firmly within reach. No matter what stage you’re at right now, Ignite is about meeting you where you are, and supporting you in a way that’ll help uncover the insight you need.

I love the idea of this program, but I'm not sure how to justify the cost?

The truth is, where we direct our money is often where we direct our attention. And by joining Ignite, you’re not only investing in change, you’re investing in yourself. Although you’re the one signing up for this program, both your family and workplace will benefit overall as you see improvements in your energy, stress levels, and self-confidence.

Does the Ignite program have any evidence to back it?

My structure process is evidence-based and based on the latest research in Positive Psychology, Emotional Intelligence, and Neuroscience. Plus, I'm constantly up-skilling myself in these areas to make sure I'm delivering the latest, most up-to-date information. I’ve also been on this journey myself, and these are the exact practices and processes that I have used. It is my lived and tried methods that I have embodied on my journey - from everything feeling exhausting to finally thriving and connecting with my deeper truth, energy and passion for life.

What should I bring with me to the webinars and coaching sessions?

You’ll be provided with a workbook, which is best to have with you for all webinars and coaching sessions when there’ll be times to reflect on your inner wisdom, what you're learning, and any inspired action that comes up for you. It's powerful to have this all in one central document so you can refer back to it. Also, bring an open and curious mind. Or, in the words of Carole Dweck, a ‘growth mindset’. There may be times when you feel discomfort, and by leaning into that feeling with self-compassion and an open and curious mind, you can use it as a source of wisdom to ask different self-awareness questions.

Will our work during Ignite be confidential?

Yes absolutely. Anything discussed during the program stays within our safe learning chrysalis. We’ll spend time as a group at the beginning creating our 'WoW' (Ways of Working) - this allows everyone to have a voice and share what they need, so we create a safe space that allows for vulnerability, trust, respect, sharing, and acceptance. Discussing our WoW really creates that sense of psychological safety, allowing for deep transformation work to happen during Ignite. Confidentiality is always at the top of our list. We also promote positive regard for self and others, non-judgement, being perfectly imperfect, inclusion, listening with curiosity, openness and compassion, being open and having fun.

I'm worried I might have trouble staying on track for 8 weeks. How will you keep me accountable during Ignite?

Since accountability is unique to everyone, the degree to which we each like to be held accountable will vary. I don't believe one size fits all. Some people are very self-driven, and integrity is important to them. They believe ‘I am my word’ and ‘I do what I say I'm going to do, and I follow through’. At the same time, others like to be accountable to someone else. We’re all grown women on our own unique journey. However, I believe we can't become our greatest self by ourselves. So we’ll take the middle point of accountability and invite everyone at the beginning of each session to check-in and reflect on the previous week. There’ll also be regular group action coaching sessions, which provide another opportunity for accountability, group insight and guidance. This will be the space where we go deeper and explore what’s stopping this smart, resourceful, and creative woman from achieving her version of Ignite.

What happens if I miss a live learning webinar or group coaching session?

All the live webinars and group coaching sessions will be recorded and available to you via the Deidre Dattoli learning platform. You’ll have access to each recording 72 hours after the live webinar session is finished. It’s strongly recommended that you schedule all the dates in your diary so you won't miss out, as these sessions are live and interactive, and you’ll have opportunities to ask questions as we go. If you’re unable to attend the live group coaching session, you can submit questions beforehand for me to answer. However it won't be the same experience as having a 1 to 1 personal coaching experience. Coaching is all about partnering with you in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires you to maximise your personal, professional potential. To achieve the full benefits of Ignite, it’s vital that you make time and space for our live sessions. Remember, coaching is advice-free, judgement-free, solution-focused, future-focused, client-centred, and based on an equal partnership between us.

Is it really risk-free to join?

Yes, absolutely. Deidre offers a money-back guarantee to take all the risk out of it for you. Join up, try out the program for a couple of sessions, and if you’re not 100% satisfied after the second session, you’ll be refunded the full amount.

Want to start learning before the program begins?

Begin your path to self-awareness today. 

Sign up for the FREE introductory mini-program, SPARK,

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