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Teachings formed by my own life journey

Have you ever worked in an environment that’s utterly devoid of passion?


Where work seems to be the inconvenient five days in-between weekends?


Or have you ever been a part of a passionate, high-energy team… that just doesn't deliver results?

I’ve been there and experienced both. And in my extensive corporate career, I’ve learnt what it takes to actually transform our own beliefs and behaviors in order to thrive both personally and professionally without compromising our authenticity.


Most speakers and trainers promise instant results failing to address the need to first identify what is holding us back and then to provide the necessary skills and techniques to change those beliefs in a way that is sustainable and congruent with the self.


Expecting long-term change that ignites people’s inner purpose and passion without changing the underlying beliefs around the ability to achieve the new goals only leads to frustration and failure.


After one "goal changing" session too many, I decided to take the matter in my own hands, drawing on my own personal journey of change as well as the lessons learned in my corporate career to lead others on the journey I have taken myself and with my own corporate teams.


Getting individuals and teams aligned for optimal performance, driven by a meaningful purpose and fueled by a genuine passion for the task at hand does not happen overnight, it doesn't occur at an offsite meeting and it certainly doesn't happen as a result of more information.


Positive and sustainable change - be it at the individual or group level - is a process, a journey of steps that begins with an examination of those thoughts and beliefs that are impacting our ability to move forward in a more positive direction.


Leveraging her own corporate career and personal journey of change, Deidre has developed and evolved a unique blend of coaching, experiential training, and mentoring techniques designed to provide a practical process to elevate performance.


Some of her preferred methodologies include Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT), Human Synergistics LSI & GSI Tools, Archetypal Coaching and Role-Playing.

Learning through doing, rather than observing


A creative, empowering, process-oriented and results driven program designed to identify, examine and overcome performance limiting beliefs and behaviours in order to lead happier more effective lives.


Challenging and thought provoking these programs bring together a range of techniques to create path-bending leaders destined to inspire greater performance and accelerate business transformation.


Designed to ensure the impression you make is a powerful one by identifying and nurturing your unique point of difference in order to create an effective and authentic personal and professional image.

Deidre's goal is to help individuals and leadership teams to attain the results, careers and lives they desire by helping them identify and overcome fears, and limiting beliefs and behaviors

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