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When we feel good and look good we bring a different energy to everything we do

Professional Presence Development

Professional presence is a quality that magically opens the doors of opportunity, influence and success.


It is the single defining element of those who - seemingly effortlessly - move through their personal and professional lives with an ease and confidence and commands the respect and regard of those around them.  


Unfortunately for a lot of people the concept of 'professional presence' is an elusive one. Those lacking it often feel invisible and unheard within organisations, failing to ask for or take advantage of the experiences and opportunities they truly desire. 


Professional Presence Development provides the skills - both physical and emotional - to articulate who you are, and what you stand for, communicating those unique points in a way that stands out from the crowd through a range of visual, verbal and non verbal cues.


It is a profound process that identifies and nurtures your unique point of difference and inner confidence and self respect in order to create an effective professional image that allows you to step out of your own shadow and reach your full potential across all areas of your personal and professional life.




stepping into your authentic presence

with confidence& dinstinction


Because first impressions count!


The Stand Out Success program is about understanding and embracing who you are, and what you stand for, and creating an individual and authentic style that radiates confidence, enabling you to own your first impressions, and create the kind of presence that demands to be heard!




 “I was surprised how much a “styling” consultation uncovered thinking that was limiting my confidence. Highly recommend these sessions"


Megan Barrow, JoElla Marketing



Want to Stand Out for all the right reasons?



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