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stepping into your authentic presence with distinction and confidence

From the moment we step outside of our door, our presence - including the way we move, dress, communicate and feel  - speaks volumes about who we are, and what we stand for.  


It is the physical and visual representation of our unique story.


Each of us has our own unique style - brand YOU. The challenge many of us face however is in defining what that means and mastering it in a way that exponentially amplifies its impact in our personal and professional lives.


Unfortunately we are not all blessed with an innate knowledge of our own personal style and consequently move through our lives feeling invisible, unrecognized and unheard.


The 'Stand out Success' program is based on the premise that our personal style has a singular power to make us look, feel and act like the best version of ourselves. When we look good, we feel good, which in turn significantly alters our self-view and the way we interact with those around us. It brings a level of confidence and energy that allows us to understand and accept our own worth and open ourselves to experiences and opportunities that may otherwise have remained out of reach.


The 'Stand Out Success' program provides an understanding of; the authentic you and how that translates to your personal style, who you really want to be, what you really want, and moves you towards your truth.


Most importantly is about embracing who you are, and creating an individual and authentic style that radiates confidence, enabling you to own your first impressions, and create the kind of presence that demands to be heard. 




The Stand Out Success program is designed to create a profound shift in the way you see yourself which in turn delivers: 


  • An exponential increase to your personal confidence

  •  The ability to become who you need to be in order to get the results you desire by:

    • Aligning the way you present with the impression you wish to create

    • Aligning the way you present with the outcomes you wish to achieve

  • A personal style that is appropriate to the environments you inhabit  

  • A significantly more valuable and visible personal brand

  • The ability to create a distinctive personal and professional impact

  • The ability to create an effective executive presence

  • A way of ‘cutting through’ corporate noise 




Personal Style Assessment


The Personal Style Assessment is all about understanding you; what you want from your life and career, your current style position, the demands your lifestyle and career place on your wardrobe, any frustrations or concerns you have when it comes to your style, wardrobe or shopping and what you wish to achieve from the Stand Out Success program.


It is about discovering and defining the ways in which to express your unique style in the context of what that looks, feels, and sounds like for you.


The outcome of this session is the articulation of your ‘personal style expression’ - a set of words that express how you want to be seen. The personal style expression not only serves to keep you on point with your style but also helps you create outfits that are congruent with your authentic self, and the personal, and professional goals you wish to achieve.


Wardrobe Edit 


A critical appraisal of your existing wardrobe in the context of each items ability to support your ‘personal style expression’. 


The focus of this session is on the creation of a wardrobe whose contents make you look and feel amazing - most importantly - provide the necessary confidence to help you take ‘center stage’ personally, and professionally. 


Personal Shopping Experience 


The personal shopping experience focuses on addressing the wardrobe gaps identified during the ‘wardrobe edit’ and imparting the necessary shopping skills to help you find items that support the image you wish to portray, make you look and feel confident, and flatter your body shape. 


You will learn the fundamental principles of ‘illusion dressing’ aka dressing to maximise your assets and minimise any flaws. 


The personal shopping experience provides a safe and nurturing opportunity to push the boundaries of your comfort zone - trying different options to express your style - without fear of expensive mistakes.


Wardrobe Integration 


The wardrobe integration is all about introducing the newly purchased pieces into your existing wardrobe, to create one unified style success. 


The aim is to build a wardrobe that accurately reflects your current lifestyle and the style you want to project to the outside world based on the impression you want to make. The focus is on creating a wardrobe full of clothes that fit and flatter, are easy and comfortable to wear, and make you look and feel amazing each and every day. 


The Wardrobe Integration concludes with a photo shoot documenting your different outfit options. The result is an easy to use ‘look book’ providing inspiration when getting ready for any occasion. 




  • A copy of Deidre Dattoli’s beautifully illustrated ‘The Secrets to Style Success - 11 Style Secrets to Look and Feel Amazing’ - a must read, covering everything you need to know about stepping into your own style with impact and confidence.  Special highlights include; Smart Casual: How to achieve it in five effortless steps. Stepping up: Making a seamless transition from casual to cool. Evening Glamour: How to get the right look for any evening occasion in minutes. Special Events: The 7 keys to getting that special outfit, and much more. 


  • A weekly schedule of telephone or email ‘check in’s’ for a period of 6 weeks to help you feel 100% confident in your new role as your own personal style strategist.


  • A twice weekly ‘style hit’ - delivered directly to your inbox - providing inspiration as well as expert tips, tricks and techniques to keep your style on point at all times. 




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