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It is with humbleness and gratitude that these words of praise are shared

Leaves participants inspired and energised...


"Deidre has delivered a variety of her flagship workshops for Community Housing of Victoria including; building high achieving teams, developing leaders as coaches, developing workplace relationships, managing and influencing behavior change, and dealing with customer complaints.


Deidre has an obvious flair for engaging her audiences and utilises a range of creative training methods to ensure that sessions deliver on the required training outcomes in a way that leaves participants inspired and energised.


Her energy, expertise and patient training style not only puts participants at ease, but allows them to maintain their focus and engagement throughout the sessions. She is unfailingly professional, delivering high quality training content that meets the needs of both the organisation and the participants".


Holly Mullaney, Community Housing Federation of Victoria 




Your wise words have empowered me...


"Deidre is an amazing mentor and a beautiful person with great intuition and intelligence who has listened to me and offered very practical and compassionate advice and guidance to help me grow, develop and achieve my dreams. Even at times when I did not know exactly what my dreams were but I knew I wanted change, your wise words have empowered me to define and realise what I want and then develop a path to achieve it."


Jodie Ross, Vivid





I have more confidence and we are more successful...


"I have done a few courses over the years and this is the first time I have been able to connect with and really understand the facilitator. You not only taught me the material but also how to integrate back into my everyday work life and filter down to my team. I have more confidence and we are more successful as a team because of it. Thank you …"


Gabby Garipidis, Xiang Hair




I am now moving in a more authentic direction


“Deidre is an incredibly dedicated and caring mentor, as well as being a very genuine and beautiful person. Her approach is grounded in wisdom and has a particularly intuitive and holistic aspect that is perfect for me. By the end of each conversation I always feel so “met”, and on a practical level I have been able to make many positive changes and improvements in both my professional and my personal life. I know I am moving in a much more authentic direction, and I feel that my life is becoming more aligned with what my heart truly wants. Thank you Deidre, I am so grateful for your invaluable support.”


Tona Golding





I now feel completely empowered...


"I first had the pleasure of meeting Deidre as part of the Australian Business Women’s Network and I immediately knew that she had something special to offer. Her energy and genuine concern for people was obvious from our first conversation.  I engaged her to help me with dealing with conflict. Her patience and skill took me on a journey that I never expected and I now feel completely empowered to manage conflict with strength and composure, something I couldn’t do before. She helped me find the power within to make a behavioural change for the better – thank you so much."


Jules Blundell, Director, Marketing Hands




A new star is born!


"A new star is born! You inspired so many of those who heard what you had to say about personality, making adjustments for differences and the DISC systems. Your observations were both considered, important and delivered in a manner that was engaging, helpful, fun, yet eminently practical. Many have commented that they would like an opportunity to do a masterclass with you. Your presentation generated twenty-one specifically positive mentions on an evaluation sheet that really did not seek to have presenters singled out."


Tony Conabere, Janus Consulting




A master facilitator!


"Her deep insight into what makes leaders successful allowed her to take the core curriculum of the Diploma program and make the content fresh, fun, compelling and engaging. A master facilitator, she works with her head and her heart to engage the group in the learning to provide a complete transformation both personally and for their business."


Mohit Gupta
Operational Manager, Swinburne University of Technology


Deidre will take you on a journey of self discovery...


"Deidre Dattoli’s Professional Image Consulting is not just about style and fashion, but about learning to project yourself to the world. With a mix of empathy and tough love, Deidre will teach you about your responsibility for projecting yourself to the world, no matter where or when. You will have confidence in how you look at all times. Deidre guides you through a process to identify what style and fashion you most connect with and how you want others to "see" you.  Deidre will take you on a journey of self-discovery about how you view your physicality and the whys of how you feel about your face and body.

I was surprised how much a “styling” consultation uncovered thinking that was limiting my confidence.

Highly recommend these sessions."


Megan Barrow, JoElla Marketing



 I have secured three promotions!


"Diedre challenged me to dig deeper and get to the core of some of the insecurities holding me back in my career.

She created space for me to really think about what I’m passionate about and opened opportunity for me to explore what is possible.  Since working with Deidre I have secured three promotions - something I would never have achieved previously.  Thank you Deidre!"


Rose de Jong

Acting Assistant Director, Department of Premier and Cabinet

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