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Looking for an engaging, entertaining and thought-provoking speaker for your next event?

Deidre’s 20 year career in leading and training corporate teams means she is more comfortable speaking and connecting with people than almost anything else.


She brings her business, leadership, positive psychology and personal image consulting expertise together with her infectious love of connecting and sharing, to audiences across a variety of forums.


She speaks with small groups in intimate settings, with hundreds of people at major events, and everything in between.


Whether you want to inspire your team with new leadership thinking, engage people around personal change, motivate and empower women, or simply to bring a different point of view to your next event, Deidre can help.

Every event is different, requiring a fresh and unique perspective.


Deidre’s speaking engagements deliver fresh and thought provoking content tailored to meet your needs, each and every time.


Here are just a few of the topics she has spoken on recently.


Stand Out Success

Step out of your own shadow and wield your Professional Presence with ease and confidence , commanding the respect of those around you, and realising the full potential of the opportunities available to you. 


Leading With Confidence
Remain authentic by embracing your feminine traits to lead as a woman and succeed on your own terms.


Positive Leadership 

Applying the principles of positive psychology for inspirational leadership.


Leading From Your  Power Base

Why tapping into your strengths matters, and how it can positively impact your entire team, one person at a time.

A new star is born...


A new star is born! You inspired so many of those who heard what you had to say about personality, making adjustments for differences and the DISC systems.


Your observations were both considered, important and delivered in a manner that was engaging, helpful, fun, yet eminently practical. Many have commented that they would like an opportunity to do a masterclass with you.


Your presentation generated 21 mentions on an evaluation sheet that really did not seek to have presenters singled out.


—Tony Conabere, Janus Consulting



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