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Life skills to finally unlock the secrets to aligning passion with purpose in your life and your career

Deidre Dattoli personal development programs are aimed at unleashing inner brilliance by assisting individuals to identify and rise above their self-imposed limitations.


Utilising a unique blend of belief and behaviour based techniques, her programs address both the skill set, as well as the mind set required to make effective re-calibrations across the emotional, spiritual and physical self.  


In order to achieve outcomes that are sustainable over the long term,  challenges must be approached from the  'inside out' involving emotional release work, and combined with a practical 'outside in' approach with strategies that are aligned to the clients’ value system.


Deidre Dattoli personal development programs provide the time and space for individuals to pause,  reflect,  and tune in to their inner greatness, enabling them to take their next steps on the journey of life with confidence and success.



In this 90-day coaching program, we’ll unpack and discover your true passion and purpose, giving you clarity conviction and a new path ahead.



A one-day workshop where you have the opportunity to focus on you, be surrounded by company of other inspiring women who share the desire to take charge of their lives.



Tailored, one on one coaching, focused on and driven by, whatever you need to achieve, personally, spiritually, emotionally or professionally.


"I engaged Deidre to help me find an effective way of dealing with conflict. Her patience and skill took me on a journey that I never expected to take and I now feel completely empowered to manage conflict with strength and composure, something I couldn’t do before.


Deidre helped me find the power within to make a positive behavioural change."


Jules Blundell, Director, Marketing Hands


Unsure which package best meets your needs?

Contact Deidre for a no obligation 20 minute session to discover the right path for you.


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