Why your self care matters!

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Conceptually we all understand that self care is necessary to our long term health, vitality and wellbeing however the reality for most of us is that it all too often becomes yet another to-do on an endless list of to-do items.

For women in particular it is also one of the first things that get de-prioritised as life takes an extra hectic turn and our stress levels start to rise.

The problem is that this is exactly the time we need to push our self care priority rating right up to the top - the mind, body and soul can realistically only operate at maximum stress and effort for very short periods of time before we exhaust ourselves and leave ourselves open to overwhelm, burnout and illness.

Self care is one of THE single most important factors in maintaining our ability to operate at our peak levels while maintaining our sense of self, our sanity, and our wellbeing.

And because it is so vitally critical, it is important we take the time to think about the various elements that make up an effective and sustainable self care routine.