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Fearless steps

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

‘Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve imagined’ - Thoreau

This year instead of making a variety of new years resolutions or setting numerous intentions I am making one simple choice - a choice to act on my truth fearlessly.

I am making the choice to acknowledge the uncomfortable truth - that fear (in all its manifestations) has at times held me back from living my best and biggest life.

For so many of us fear hides under the banner of self-judgement, comparison and envy, actions that erode our confidence and create long term patterns of self doubt.

When it becomes an inherent part of your psyche, fear is akin to running a continuous mental loop of your worst case scenarios.

In order to avoid fear dictating the kind of life you lead it’s important to hit the pause button long enough to remember that you, and only you, can define what happens next with the choices you make today.

Your choices literally create your future.

Believing that ‘the best is yet to be’, I choose to:


Unashamedly and without reserve I choose to own my strengths, gifts and unique talents. I no longer make apology for or diminish the value I know I bring to the table. I believe in myself, and I honor my authenticity by speaking and living my truth.


Fear is valuable and has its own unique place in my life. I give witness to my fears and hear them out through journaling. Journaling gives me the necessary space to reflect on those fears, understand them and put them in context. In this way I find that I am better able to let those fears go.


How much is fear costing you? How much of your health, happiness, success, and fulfillment is limited by your fears?

How long has fear dictated the terms of your life? And how much longer will you allow it to continue to do that?


In order to achieve different outcomes in your life you must be willing to fundamentally change the way you think, feel and act.

Even the smallest step forward will put you on the path to a new and different future - the important thing is to take that step and all those that come after it until you are where you want to be.


I choose to believe that the universe has my back and that everything will work out in its own divine timing.

Invest your energy into believing that everything will work out as its meant to and release yourself from stress and worry.


I want to live every second of my life in a way that reflects my best self.

I want to see and feel the world around me. I want to connect with different types of people. I want to explore the paths untrodden. I want to step beyond the usual and experience the full spectrum of what this life has to offer.

I don’t just believe but I know with every fibre of my being that this is all possible if I only make the choice to step outside of my fear imposed boundaries.

Believe in what you cannot see or feel and above all have faith in yourself - there is infinite power in the simple act of self belief.


Every single day is a new opportunity to make a choice.

Choose to live fearlessly in each and every moment, make space to be curious, deliberately take the wrong turn,believe in the impossible, give wings to your dreams, and allow the magic to unfold.

About Deidre Dattoli

Speaker, author, and mentor, Deidre is highly sought after for her expertise in the fields of personal presence and leadership development.

Deidre is passionate about leading and facilitating the kind of personal change that enables individuals to live and lead from their inner place of brilliance.

To find out more about Deidre Dattoli, please visit

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