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5 benefits of meditation circles

How to make group meditation practice work for you

In a world filled with social media content, instant messaging, and fast news, it might seem like we’re more connected than ever. The truth is, there’s also an overwhelming level of disconnect and many of us experience feelings of isolation and loneliness every day. While we have the ability to rapidly share information and communicate on a surface level, we often struggle to connect with others at a heart level.

Meditation circles provide a beautiful space to share meaningful experiences and accelerate the power that meditation brings.

Whether you consider yourself a meditation guru, or you’ve never meditated before, group meditation holds a unique opportunity to tap into your own peace and power while harnessing and connecting with the energy of others.

But what is a meditation circle? How does it work? And how can group meditation really help you?

In this article you’ll learn exactly what’s involved in this deeply connected, collective practice.

What is a meditation circle?

Meditation groups and circles enable a deeper level of practice and facilitate open connection with others. Groups come in many shapes and sizes and can be enjoyed face-to-face or online. Sessions are usually led by an experienced certified meditation coach who can guide you into stillness and help you discover a deeper sense of peace, clarity, and confidence.

"Meditation circles provide a beautiful opportunity to share meaningful experiences and accelerate the power that meditation brings".

How do group meditation circles work?

Each session delivers a unique meditation experience and explores mindfulness practices that you can use throughout the day. Meditation trains you to be more intentional about where you focus your attention - be it mind, body, or your emotions.

Practiced intentionally, meditation allows you to use focus to increase calmness, concentration, awareness and emotional balance. It’s when you’re in this state that you can open up to your own energy and power, discover your true purpose, and experience a truly open heart.

When you meditate with others, you can literally feel their energy. Circles create an environment where we each connect on the same wavelength, with EEG results showing that brain waves actually synchronise during meditation.

So, it makes sense that when you show up consistently to meditation circle practice, you develop a calmer, more connected, perspective on life.

"Meditation on one's own allows for expanded awareness, deep relaxation and inner peace. When we meditate together, those experiences are intensified and the positive effects are amplified".

Deidre Dattoli | Certified Meditation Coach

How can group meditation help you?

So we know that group meditation provides community and greater consciousness in a supportive space. But there are also a myriad of positive health benefits including (but not limited to):

  • Improved immunity

  • Stress relief

  • Boost in energy levels

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Anti-ageing

Improved immune response

While the health benefits of meditation have been well documented, a new study has found meditation actually activates genes associated with the immune system to provide an immediate boost.

Relief from anxiety and stress

When you practice meditation you use oxygen more efficiently, your adrenal glands produce less cortisol, your blood pressure normalises, and your heart rate and breathing slow down. The combination of all the above helps to create a physical environment that reduces stress and anxiety.

Improved energy levels

If your energy levels are feeling drained, a group meditation circle could be exactly what you need. Over the years, studies have shown those who meditate tend to have a bigger and stronger prefrontal cortex and a calmer amygdala (region of the brain primarily associated with emotional processes). When these parts of the brain function better, you’re more able to preserve energy levels.

Lower blood pressure

According to the experts, meditation can also be a powerful tool in reducing blood pressure. One piece of research even found that blood pressure was reduced by 80% among study participants.


One of the leading causes of premature ageing is stress. Meditation works to calm and reduce stress, making it one of the least intrusive, most natural anti-ageing steps we can take.

If you’re ready to explore what group meditation circles could offer you, an online experience is a great place to start.

Join our free 4-week meditation circle to connect with like-hearted humans and feel the energy and encouragement that comes within a meditation community.

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