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Light Up. Burn Bright. Illuminate.

Standing out, lighting up, burning bright, being brilliant, and being all you—that’s how Illuminate empowers. It’s a proven way of life that ensures the strategies and practices you put in place stick.

You’ll experience change that plucks you from your spent well of little confidence, frustration, disconnect and feeling overwhelmed, to a replenished oasis of knowing who you are, where you’re going and how you’ll get there. And while the journey involves effort (what epic adventure doesn’t?) it’s also one of healing and discovery.

While you may feel checked out, with Illuminate, the only way is up. This is how it goes:

Seeing In

At this point, you probably feel fed up of constantly hunting around for your self-confidence, and of hoping this ground-hog day of spiralling downward and feeling like nothing is going right would just end already.

It’s time for something that works; for real hope and for figuring out what the heck your purpose is. It’s time to rediscover what your biggest and best contribution to the world might be.

Seeing in is the beginning of self-awareness. It’s the dirty stage where we dig deep, churn up the mud and identify what hinders you. We look at everything from the narratives you’ve dragged up through childhood to negative self-talk.

Here is where you begin to spiral upward.

Stepping UP

Creating change can be tough for a few reasons, among them is your fear of failure, wanting results too quickly, and trying the stuff that is unsustainable—the stuff that works in the moment but doesn’t last long.

Old habits may die hard but they can die. You can create lasting change if you do it right. When you Step Up, you connect to confidence and courage. You pursue breakthrough from the defeating patterns and programming that keep you living as a subpar version of yourself.

In such an empowering process of self-discovery, one good thing always leads to another. When you find your authentic self, you find your self-acceptance. You build inner strength and fully engage with your power and values. You develop what it takes to rewrite your story.

Leaning In

Leaning In is when you make a stand to look inward during challenging times in order to overcome them.

It’s understanding that what you’re going through won’t last forever, but to traverse it well, you must also ask the tough questions. It means taking note of your fear and overwhelming urge to retreat without giving in to it.

Leaning In acknowledges the present but keeps sight of the future. It both sees the problem and possible solution.

The choice to lean in is both a life and day-to-day decision. It's the rough seas we all cross to get to the calm on the other side. It takes work but it also builds resilience.

Standing Out

As a kid, the thing to do is look, talk and act like everyone else. Be different? Stand out? Heck no! Sameness is safe and secure. It means acceptance.

You’d think things change when you grow up, but we take a lot of our childhood with us. Worse still, sameness is now an expectation.

Being yourself, standing out in your individuality and authenticity without compromise is, by far, the best way to go. Shedding your mask (or masks), refusing to pretend, contributing in valuable and meaningful ways—the way only you can—is the holy grail to being awesome in your own skin.

It’s the key to influence, presence, meaning and purpose. Standing Out leads to being lit up, and once you’re lit up, no one can put your fire out.

Living Lit Up

Illuminate takes you from checked out to standing out through better knowing, loving and valuing yourself, and through embracing your authenticity.

Lit Up is the last brilliant stage in a transformative adventure that enables you to burn bright! It’s where you see your hard work catch fire, and notice your new confidence, meaning to life, and clarity of purpose and living.

By now, your connections will be so much more genuine and valuable, and you will naturally focus more on what truly matters. As others relate to that realness in you, your influence will grow, and both consciously and subconsciously you will be a beacon of light to others. You will find positivity in the present, whatever it brings.

By putting in place specific Illuminate practices, you will always be the very best, most self-loving, resilient, capable and growth-oriented version of yourself.

What’s not to love about any of that?

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