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Welcome In The New Year - WITNY 2023

One valuable lesson I learnt in 2022 was being intentional about my wellbeing and putting myself first. I realised that I couldn’t give what I didn’t have— and that I needed to show up as the best version of myself to serve my family, clients, and community.

Grateful for 2022

Before you dive into what 2023 can bring, it's worth spending time looking back on 2022 to reflect, to celebrate, to let go of all the old past stuff and be grateful for it.

2022 was a ride! It was the year the world healed from the damage of the past two years, but it’s the year for new opportunities, too.

A lot of the challenges we faced in the past few years manifested in anxiety, stress, and burnout. One of the most important lessons I learned is the value of being present and making space for myself.

The goal has always been to find our true sense of self and use it to navigate our way forward and I am grateful to be on this journey with you. Thank you for being part of my 2022.

Plans for the New Year

2023 will be a year of transformation. I have a lot planned for the year, including a brand new program that will help you discover and unleash your potential—The Power Within—coming out in March.

I’ve also just released our 2023 journal Welcome In The New Year or WITNY. You can download the WITNY 2023 journal here for FREE.

If you are planning to further transform yourself this year and would like to have guidance from a Professional Certified Transformation Coach and Trainer, you can book a FREE clarity call with me or send your inquiries at

Here’s what my previous clients have said about my program:

“Deidre challenged me to dig deeper and get to the core of some of the insecurities holding me back in my career. Since working with Deidre I have secured three promotions - something I would never have achieved previously. Thank you Deidre!” - Rose de Jong, Acting Assistant Director, Department of Premier and Cabinet

“Deidre is an amazing mentor and a beautiful person with great intuition and intelligence who has listened to me and offered very practical and compassionate advice and guidance to help me grow, develop and achieve my dreams." - Jodie Ross, Coach, Mentor, Educator

May you discover everything you are looking for this new year.

Welcome In The New Year is a journal created to be your companion in the rewarding task of appreciating the year gone and welcoming the year to come. It acts as a small and friendly spark. How brightly you light up is completely up to you.

I’m giving it to you for FREE. Access the WITNY 2023 Journal here.

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