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Be at your best and success is inevitable


True confidence is rarely a product of great style, but great style always perfects true confidence. Deidre Dattoli's Stand Out Success workshop is dedicated to discovering the authentic, courageous you and to developing a personal style that does your inner splendour justice.


The style piece


In the brevity of modern-day connection, personal style is an instant language. It disseminates clues to your character—your brilliant, intrinsic fabric that is as captivating as it is fierce.


Stand Out Success takes a daring leap beyond sartorial trends to identify and translate your very essence—who you are and what you stand for—into a customised wardrobe.


Speak volumes
without saying a word.

Open the doors of opportunity, influence and success.



Deidre's 3.5-hour workshop formulates your distilled essence into an authentic, game-changing look. When trust must be quickly won, first impressions always count. Stand Out Success takes care of how you turn up so you can take care of how things turn out.


  • Increase personal confidence

  • Leverage your qualities to gain the results you desire

  • Align your style with your professional standard to win others over

  • Develop a personal style that is appropriate to work and life

  • Create an indelible impression

  • Take advantage of an influential personal presence.

Bonus Inclusion:

A copy of Deidre Dattoli's beautifully written and illustrated book The Secrets to Style Success for the Confident Woman.

Style Secrets- For the Confident Woman-1


Invest in crucial downtime to unwind, focus on yourself, nurture the superstar within, learn from other amazing women and have fun!




  • Understand the role verbal, visual, and physical cues play in projecting a coherent style and the impact authenticity has on every aspect of your personal and professional life.

  • Reconnect with your true self and develop a complementary personal style that makes you feel fabulous.

  • Create a unique style archetype that captures your individual truth.

  • Wardrobe detox: a step-by-step process to identify and relinquish items that are incongruous with your newfound personal style.

  • Leverage colour to achieve the look you crave.

  • Understand and appreciate your personal assets and how to use them to your best advantage.

  • Discover the powerful art of illusion dressing.

  • Learn how accessories can take your style to a whole new level.

  • The fundamentals of mixing and matching to create fresh looks using a few carefully curated investment pieces.


I’m on a mission to put style at the core of life, work, and self-definition in an increasingly cluttered and homogenous world.


Style encompasses more than fashion—it governs how you communicate, connect with others, present yourself, and lead. For style to be powerful it must first be authentic. It can be leveraged to navigate leadership challenges and supercharge your career without compromising who you inherently are.


I've learned from years of developing, educating, and heading up teams in highly image-conscious and competitive industries that mastering your style is crucial to mastering your professional and personal success.


With a diploma in Leadership, Coaching, and Mentoring and as an accredited practitioner in LSI (Life Services Inventory™) Human Synergistics, I combine extensive corporate and leadership expertise with considerable experience in style and image consultancy. My focus? To unlock your full potential through a highly personalised program; we work on optimising what is inside and out.


You will be empowered to thrive as an authority in your field and equipped with a compelling visual presence that exudes confidence and authenticity. Enhance your competitive edge. Own your uniqueness and make a statement about what you stand for.


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0418 800 287

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