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Join Deidre Dattoli for a transformational half day workshop. You will translate who you are, and what you stand for, into an effective personal image. Allow yourself to step outside of your own shadow and reach your full potential. 

Use deep insights delivered in this workshop to:

  • Increase your personal confidence

  • Become who you need to be in order to get the results you desire

  • Align the way you present with the impression and outcomes you want to create

  • Develop personal style that is appropriate to each environment you inhabit

  • Create a distinctive personal and professional impression

  • Take advantage of an impactful personal presence

Be at your best and success is inevitable!

The 'Step Up and Stand Out’ workshop is based on the fact that our personal style has the power to make us look, feel and act like the best version of ourselves.


When you understand what looks and feels good on you, you will love what you wear. This in turn brings a level of confidence and energy into everything you do that literally has the power to transform every aspect of your life.


Look good, feel good. Significantly alter your self-view and the way you interact with those around you.


"Much of what you see today is the result of being styled by Deidre Dattoli. Deidre spent time discussing my personality, brand and work so that my wardrobe would match that. I can't tell you what an empowering, confidence building and love filled experience it was". 

Donna McGeorge.

Melbourne - 9th September 2017 - 1-4pm
$397 inc GST


Workshop Highlights

  • Understand the role verbal, visual and physical cues play in projecting our personal image and the impact that a congruent personal image - one that is reflective of our authentic self - brings to every aspect of our personal and professional lives.


  • Reconnect with the authentic you and translate that into a unique and appropriate personal style that will leave you looking and feeling great.


  • Create your unique style archetype and understand the way it captures your individual truth.


  • The wardrobe detox - a step by step process to help you identify and let go of the items that are not congruent with your personal style and rob you of your self esteem.


  • Learn to leverage colour in order to impact the outcomes you want to achieve with your personal style.


  • Understand and appreciate your personal assets and learn how to use them to your best advantage.


  • Discover the powerful art of illusion dressing.


  • Accessories - how they can impact your look and the best ways of wearing them to add extra wow to your style.


  • Make your wardrobe work hard for its money by understanding the fundamentals of mixing and matching to create a variety of fresh looks using a few carefully chosen investment pieces.

  • Above all this workshop serves to create the necessary pause each of us need in order to take the time to focus on ourselves, to nurture the woman within, to unwind, meet and learn from other amazing women, and have some fun!


Bonus Inclusions:
  • A copy of Deidre Dattoli's beautiful written and illustrated The Secrets to Style Success for the Confident Woman.


  • Access to 3 pre-workshop webinars designed to set the foundations for your style success.

About Deidre Dattoli

I’m on a mission to put style front and centre in the way we live, work and define ourselves in an increasingly complex and cluttered world.


When I think of style I don’t just think of the clothes we choose to wear each day; I think of how we communicate, how we connect with others, how we present ourselves and our propositions and, ultimately, our leadership style. 


I’ve learned through many years of leading, developing and educating teams in highly image-conscious and competitive industries that mastering our style is the first step in mastering our professional and personal success. 


I now use my experience of navigating leadership challenges with style to help ambitious professionals to supercharge their careers without compromising their sense of self or style. 


As an accredited NLP and LSI (Life Styles Inventory) practitioner, experienced coach and facilitator, my focus is on unlocking the unique potential of each and every person I work with. I provide highly personalised programs and have been privileged to step inside the style (and wardrobes!) of many of Australia’s emerging leaders. 


Whether you are looking to own your style as you step into a new role or need a confidence boost for the next stage of your career – let’s get together and make a statement about what you stand for! 

Melbourne - 9th September 2017 - 1-4pm
$397 inc GST

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