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It’s Time For You To Light Up and Live True!

Have you been feeling exhausted and overwhelmed? Almost like you are living in survival mode constantly repeating the mantra of “I just need to make it through this week”? 


Tap into your inner strength, rebuild your self confidence, and finally put an end to the overwhelm. Because you deserve to feel fulfilled and energised in all areas of your life.

Imagine if…


  • You could embark on a journey that not only would help you feel fulfilled and successful, but also confident and energised.

  • You had help and support along this journey and personalised guidance

  • You worked with a professional that could give you strategies across multiple practices that helped you awaken your spirit.

  • You had the tools you needed to beat the burnout and reach a place of authenticity that you didn’t previously know existed

  • You could know exactly what you wanted and how you could achieve it at any step of your journey.

You may already know that something is missing but you aren’t sure what. It feels like everything should have fallen into place by now but every step closer to success you take leaves this nagging feeling inside that you don’t know how to fix. 


And you’re probably a woman who has….

  • Worked their way to business or corporate success

  • Been the rock for everyone around you, a pillar of strength in both your family and social circles

  • Had a moment to look back and wondered if you might be at a crossroads now in life and aren’t sure what is the right next step to take.

  • Felt like she’s lost her spark, her magic, or that the endless possibilities that once stretched out before you now don’t seem appealing anymore.


You’ve realised that something needs to change and now is the time to make that happen!






The Power Within With Deidre Dattoli

Not your usual business mastermind built around tactics for hustle and burn out, The Power Within takes a holistic and transformative approach that is backed by science to guide women and business away from exhaustion and overwhelm and towards authenticity and confidence.

This is for the women that want to experience living rather than just the daily struggle of existing.

This program will help you move from:
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A lack of direction

Living without purpose


Stuck inside your comfort zone


Running on autopilot towards burnout

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Clearly defined direction

A life with purpose

Grounded, focused, and authentic

Comfortable in discomfort

Connected with values


And you'll be able to achieve all of this with me holding your hand and guiding every step of the way!


Most people will tell you to work with what you’ve got, but I’m not afraid to help you create entirely new foundations to build yourself from the ground up and create the world in which you want to live. 

How The Power Within Transforms Lives.

  • 8-module program to take you from Checked Out to Lit Up

  • Pre-work opportunities to establish clear intentions

  • 8 live masterclasses (90 minutes each)

  • Access to ALL The Power Within resources on our central learning platform

  • 4 supportive group action coaching sessions (60 minutes each)

  • Access to our private Power Within Facebook group

  • A blended approach to maximise your outcomes

  • Integration weeks to all you time to embody the practices

  • Bonus live masterclass - 'The 5 Critical Power Within Practices to Keep You Buoyant'

The Power Within is not a surface level program. We will be doing the deep work needed to unblock any thoughts, beliefs or patterns of behaviour that you have that are inhibiting your growth. As we know inner world transformations have outer world impact. 


And in our current world, there are so many demands placed on us. Our minds and souls are constantly being pulled in every direction. And it truly is a blessing to experience the freedom that comes from developing mental peace, emotional resilience, and inner wellbeing.


At the moment we are so outwardly focused as the world changing around us fuels our internal anxieties and fears. Forcing us to create new solutions and ways of existing every day. 




As Socrates believed, the secret of change lay in focusing all our energy not on fighting the old but on building the new. 


But the new is not to be built out there. It's to be built in here, by you and within you.

ready to

What Your Transformation Will Look Like

There are 3 key areas that we focus on during your transformative journey through this program. Each of these is a step in the journey to self-mastery and will impact not only the way you experience life but how you show up for the people you come into contact with every single day. 


Identity. Rediscover who your authentic self is and unpack the beliefs, structures, or attitudes that stop you from embracing yourself on a daily basis.


Introspection. Learn how to interpret the internal cues you are getting to manage stress, overwhelm, and fatigue effectively and change the way you look at the world. 


Integration. Bring all the tools together to implement the knowledge we learn in practice. Embody the learnings and reap the rewards.


These 3 areas will help you tap into your full potential, cultivate confidence, allow you to show up authentically each and every day. 

The Journey We Embark On


Laying the foundation for success and connecting with possibility.

We'll begin with a meet and greet and get familiar with the program elements and learning platform. There'll be time to review our pre-work, with a focus on possibility and potential. Let's envision a future that does not yet exist and anchor to where you want to go.

Discover the three principles of transformation. Plus, learn the three key shifts you can make in order to get the most out of the program and have this experience be a turning point for success.


Going inwards to connect with your intentions and create alignment. This inner work will help you become more self-aware of your identity, allowing the real work to be done at the subconscious level and leading to outer change and action. 

Uncover those stories that form your inner glass ceiling and the patterns that have repeated themselves time and again, preventing you from creating your desire and vision. Consider what opportunities might open up if you shift into a new relationship with yourself.

Taking back responsibility of your emotions. Learn how to manage your feelings rather than them controlling you. No one can make us feel anything without our permission, and blaming others for our situation or how we feel hands them control over our life.

Connect with your sense of purpose and values. Purpose is our guiding light or an orientation, not a destination. Understand what it really means to live a life with a sense of purpose and discover what you truly value in life.

Understand the truth about stress and anxiety, plus the neuroscience behind it. Explore your current relationship with pressure, and develop your own stress management (recharge) toolkit to effectively manage stress and pressure in your daily life.

Learn why boundaries are necessary, not optional. Delve into your feelings about boundaries and why we're often taught to be very reactive or forceful when setting them. Reclaim your time, energy, and agency through creating healthy boundaries.

Stage 3 - CLARITY

The outer work that leads to living into authenticity and having an impact. Discover how to present yourself out in the world and begin shining your light. 

Discover the seven principles that underpin effortless presence so you can enhance your impact and influence for great outcomes. We'll bring it all together and create the next steps you'll need in order to achieve the most significant impact.



“Deidre is an incredibly dedicated and caring mentor, and a very genuine and beautiful person. Her approach is grounded in wisdom with a particularly intuitive and holistic approach that is perfect for me. By the end of each conversation I always feel so 'met'.


On a practical level, I have been able to make many positive changes and improvements in both my professional and personal life. I know I am moving in a much more authentic direction and feel that my life is becoming more aligned with what my heart truly wants.


Thank you, Deidre. I am so grateful for your invaluable support.” 

Tonia Golding, Fitted for Work Program

“Deidre Dattoli is an amazing coach. I was fortunate enough to get the job I wanted but had no previous experience. Deidre was amazing because very quickly she took on the role as my mentor and coach. She was anything and everything I needed to feel engaged and grounded.


Deidre worked with me to identify shortcomings in my mindset and how, sub-consciously, I was hindering myself. I will never forget the wonderful lessons and self-discovery that helped make me feel and work better to achieve my goals. I now know I am a much better person for having received this coaching opportunity and would recommend it to anyone.


Thank you for sharing your wonderful gifts with me.  I will never forget them or you!”

Vicki Burgess, Local Engagement Officer (LEO)

Department of Health and Human Services

The Support You Need

You are safe. 


The first thing I want to tell you is this. 


Change and transformation can often seem overwhelming, especially when you are already stuck in a form of stressed out autopilot, thinking that if one ball gets dropped the rest will come crashing down. 


When in reality, what’s creating the overwhelm is the systems, beliefs, and ways of operating that we have created in an attempt to keep ourselves ‘safe’ and comfortable. 


If you are coming from a place of overwhelm, burnout, exhaustion, and confusion then you are in the perfect situation to embrace change. 


But this will take time, and some commitment. 


Think of it like the journey of a caterpillar to a butterfly. 


This program acts as the cocoon you need to tear down the beliefs and systems that are holding you back in order to build the foundations for the life you want to live. 


Both professionally and personally. 


This transformational journey will require you to face some tough truths, but I promise that I will be holding your hand along this entire journey and guiding you through. 


You will not be alone, and you will be in an environment where it is safe to share any fears, concerns, or insecurities you have. This information will be kept between us and only used to guide your personalised strategies and sessions. 


What I offer you is a sanctuary to take a  moment to pause without guilt and start focusing on what you really want, to discover who you truly are, and build a future that will make you authentically happy. 

About Deidre banner white.png

Who will be your guide along this journey?


Deidre Dattoli

With certifications in:

  • neurolinguistics programming, 

  • positive psychology, 

  • emotional intelligence, 

  • meditation and mindfulness practice, 

  • acceptance and commitment therapy, 

  • growth and transformations coaching

as well as working in peak performance environments, I bring together a blend of practices to help each client of mine to reach their full potential in all areas of their life. 

I create opportunities for self-discovery and guide you to answers you will not encounter anywhere else. 

Throughout my life I was always seen as a bit of an outcast. Struggling to fit-in I turned to people-pleasing to feel accepted and valued, whether at home, school, or in the corporate world as I became an adult. 


I was always searching for something outside of me to fill the emptiness, and society tells us that happiness comes from things. The bigger house, the new car, more clothes etc. So, I kept striving for my next external success. 


But this didn’t fill the emptiness… it only exacerbated it. 


The belief of “I’ll feel happy when I…” wasn’t starting to feel true anymore and I knew that there had to be something more to life than chasing dollar signs. 


My biggest realisation was when I had the promotion, had the relationship, had the family, the house etc. and I still felt empty inside, something was missing, and I was completely hustled and burnt out!


Something needed to change. 


I needed to do more than transform… I needed to transcend the walls I had built around myself and discover a new way to live. 


This was the realisation that the work that I really needed to do was the inner work. To understand more about my inner world and what I had buried deep within and begin to own and love all parts of me. This was where the real work began – peeling back the layers of shame, low self-esteem, struggle, negative self-talk and emotional pain. I went on a journey of self-discovery and tapping into different modalities to heal myself on the level of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic. 

And this is the journey I now wish to share with you, so that you can go beyond transformation and truly unlock the power within. 

  • What if my daughter is younger than 13 or older than 18?
    The ages set are a guide only. If you feel the program would benefit your daughter, book her in. We also have a specific wellbeing program for 10- to 12-year-old girls.
  • Should I still book her in if she’s unsure about taking part?
    Any new experience can be a little daunting. Most girls start the program feeling nervous but soon feel nurtured and included. That said, if she is adamant about not participating, please don’t force her. We leave it to your discretion. Get in touch if you would like to talk this through.
  • How do you know the program will help my daughter?
    While nothing can be completely guaranteed, the program content is evidence-based and regularly reviewed by a psychologist to ensure its content is effective, up to date and based on the latest research.
  • How do I support my daughter during the program?
    Encourage open communication by asking if she has any questions or thoughts on what she is learning. Be calm and reassuring. Listen without interrupting. Be curious about what it all means to her and lovingly supportive. Refrain from giving advice.
  • Can I continue her self-development after the program ends?
    Yes. We offer an additional range of self-development programs focusing on leadership, self-esteem, body image, and one-on-one coaching, tailored to her personal needs.
  • Is there a payment plan available?
    We offer an early bird payment option. Please get in touch by email to discuss this.


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