To understand others we must first understand ourselves

Inspiring Positive Change

Deidre Dattoli helps individuals and leadership teams to understand, access and leverage their authentic selves in ways visually appropriate to their professional and personal environments in order to realise their full potential, spiritually, and emotionally.


Join her on a unique journey of self discovery designed to identify and change limiting patterns, creating a more effective mind-set from which to achieve positive changes within the self and others,  en-route to creating a better personal and professional reality.

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Corporate Programmes


Challenging and thought provoking these programs bring together a range of techniques to create path-bending leaders destined to inspire greater performance and accelerate business transformation.

Professsional presence development


Designed to ensure the impression you make is a powerful one by identifying and nurturing your unique point of difference in order to create an effective and authentic personal and professional presence.

10 Minute FREE Meditation


Listen to your body in a new way and learn how to release any stress, tension, or uncomfortable sensations.


Try the 10 minute body scan meditation.


Praise for Deidre and her work

"The Vida team coach hundreds of people every week however in order to continue to evolve we needed to address our own internal communciation and leadership development.  In engaging Deidre, it was immediately obvious that  her passion and authentic style would be a great fit for our team of coaches. One of the program’s key success factors was the opportunity for individual growth based on strategies tailored to those individuals needs. The resulting improvement in our verbal and non-verbal communication has had a real impact on both our client engagement and development, as well as within our own team. Thanks Deidre, we look forward to working with you again."


Kane Dewhurst

Director, Vida

"Her deep insight into what makes leaders successful allowed her to take the core curriculum of the Diploma program and make the content fresh, fun, compelling and engaging.


A master facilitator, she works with her head and her heart to engage the group in the learning to provide a complete transformation both personally and for their business."


Mohit Gupta
Operational Manager, Swinburne University of Technology


 11 Style secrets to look & feel amazing

When we look and feel good, we bring a different energy to everything we do. Deidre Detolli