The personal brand advantage

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

I have had the pleasure of travelling all over Australia and New Zealand in the last few weeks delivering the 'Scale your Business' keynote to audiences attending the Wella RED Salon Club. The focus has been on helping Salon owners understand and harness the value of personal brand as not just a critical source of differentiation but more importantly as a source of real and sustainable competitive advantage.

In an age where the digital connection reigns supreme - slowly eroding the human connection - the services industry is one of the few remaining truly people facing industries.

This phenomena represents an incredible opportunity for growth as people not only seek to consume the services offered but create more meaningful personal connections as part of the transaction.

However, with growth comes competition and in industries where one service is much the same as another the key to long term success is to harness the only unique element at your disposal - your personal brand and that of your peoples.

Humans are hard wired for social contact, we buy from people we like, trust and connect with.