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Building inner trust

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

The traditional leadership paradigm was based on the concept of control – control over people, resources, and capital.

The new paradigm – and indeed the new employee – gives up control in favour of trust which leads to influence, and a sense of belonging to something deeply meaningful.

However, in order to build trust and influence with others, we must first learn to build trust with our inner selves.

This requires giving up our personal control, and opening ourselves to vulnerability, both of which are difficult to do.

But as challenging as it can be, building trust with the self is also one of the most empowering actions you will ever take.

Indeed, self-trust has proven to be one of the most critical success factors to leading happy, and fulfilling personal, and professional lives.

When we have a healthy degree of self trust we open ourselves to sharing our knowledge, our wisdom, and our secrets, allowing others to experience the real us, rather than the illusion that comes with a title or position.

When we trust ourselves, we do not hesitate to share the whole of ourselves in order to help others build, and nurture their own self-trust.

Generosity of the self in order to aid others achieve their full potential is one of the most deeply satisfying and rewarding gifts we can give ourselves.

Like most things, building self-trust is a skill that we acquire through self-work, and learning.

It requires a deep understanding, and acceptance of who we are, and what we stand for. It is a constant work in progress, involving ongoing analysis of the self, as well as the sharing and cultivation of insights with others.

Much more than simple self-confidence, self-trust is an integral part of who we are, how we define ourselves, and how we show up in our day-to-day lives.

If someone asked you right now 'what you most trust about yourself' - as an individual and a professional - would you immediately know the answer?

Equally, if that same person asked the same questions of the people around you, would their answers be the same?

As a simple exercise ask a few people in your network these 3 questions.

1. What core value do they associate with you, and why?

2. What do they wish they knew about you, and why?

3. What great leader does your leadership style most closely resemble, and why?

When you truly trust yourself, you bring your whole, authentic self to everything you do, and the way in which you do it. As such, the responses to the above questions will be the same regardless of whom you ask because the way you present to those around you will be the same.

Trusting yourself does require a degree of risk, and challenge. However, pushing through the fear and embracing your inner trust will bring the kind of abundance and opportunity you could only have previously dreamed of across all layers of your personal and professional life.

And most importantly, by trusting yourself you immediately elevate the impact and influence you have on others in order to help them achieve their own personal and professional break-throughs.

Building self trust is a journey, if you would like an expert guide to help you get started on yours, please visit and take advantage of the complimentary 20 minute 'ask any question' session.

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