Where has your light gone?

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Have you ever stopped long enough to consider the light of your life?

Not the love of your life, but the light of your life. The spark within that ignites your whole world and fills it with vigor, joy and passion. That is your light.

We all enter this world with our own unique light. Yet as we grow, get busy, have families, and climb the corporate ladder, juggling an ever-growing mountain of every day responsibilities, many of us become increasingly disconnected from that light. We lose touch with, and sight of, what really lights up our lives, relationships, and careers. Often to the detriment of the very things that form the nexus of what is most important to us.

As the world speeds up, we find ourselves constantly pushing the boundaries of our own horizons in order to succeed. However, - and I speak from personal experience of an extended corporate career - few of us can sustain this for long before our view of what success means becomes so skewed that our inner light begins to fade, and flicker, until one day its simply not there anymore.

When that light finally goes, we are left with a sense of loss, futility, and confusion about what comes next. What we need to do in order to reconnect with our inner selves, and to find the confidence to be ourselves again, in order to get our light back.