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Knowing how to get to know each member better and to discover what special contribution each member can make.

Each member of my team can make a special contribution. I need to know what her personality is and what challenge really motivates her. If I can create a professional landscape wherein each member is doing something unique for our school, and more importantly, wherein she is recognised for her contribution, I will have created a team that will be one of many fulcrums upon which the school may operate. An examination of the DiSC Personality Profile and some powerful theories of motivation.

2016 National Conference for Executive & Personal Assistants to Principals, Heads of Schools & Senior Executives in Schools.

Friday May 27th @2.30pm

Hotel Windsor, Spring St, Melbourne


'Look you have made it sound so good but no undertaking, especially no educational undertaking, can possibly be that good. Human endeavour always has its problems. What about handling things when they go wrong? We have heard that sometimes calls to teachers are not returned. What is your policy around return calls, and what is your policy when calls are simply not returned? What about problems in general?'


The Registrar has to maintain a positive orientation whatever the parental thrust. How do you defend poor practice? How do you turn failure into a positive future? Should the registrar feed back to Management as a result of these conversations? What sort of response would the Registrar seek?

2016 National Conference for Registrars and Directors of Enrolment in Independent Schools.

Friday, May 20 @1.45pm

Windsor Hotel, Spring St, Melbourne


'Scale your Business' is a transformational session addressing the critical issues of client acquisition and retention and business scalability and continued growth within the hair care industry.

This high energy session demonstrates how participants can  create a significant point of competitive leverage by providing the necessary tools and strategies to successfully utilise their personal brand as a key enabler of their business strategy.

As the industry becomes increasingly competitive and the  services and products on offer more homogenous, it is the value of the human interaction - driven by the strength of individual personal brands - that will set one business apart from another and determine its place in the competive landscape.  

Elevating your own, your customers and your employees perception of the business you are in from cutting hair to providing exceptional experiences allows you to not only redefine the competitive playing field but create a business model that is scalable and sustainable over the long term.

Scale Your Business

Melbourne Monday 11th April 2016

Brisbane Monday 18th April 2016

Perth Monday 2nd May 2016

Sydney Monday 9th May 2016

Adelaide Tuesday 10th May 2016

Auckland Monday 30th May 2016

Wellington Tuesday 31st May 2016

Christchurch Wednesday 1st June 2016


The Vida Tennis Advantage GIRLS camp is designed to empower and develop girls in tennis and everyday life. Girls can come together and have a training environment dedicated to their needs.

Players will train with like minded people and be guided by a team who understand female development both on and off the tennis court.

Tennis, and sport in general, teach life skills such as persistence, teamwork, goal setting, leadership, and character development.

These traits also transfer from tennis court to academics, family life, and the work setting.

Peer and environmental support influence girls’ enjoyment and learning of tennis. Girls develop important social relationships through the physical activity of tennis, both with their training partners and with their adult physical activity leaders, but girls may suffer negative psychological consequences if their developmental needs for feedback and encouragement are not considered by instructors or coaches.

This camp is designed to give girls a great positive life and tennis experience, delivered by a team who understand their needs.

Friday 25th September, 2015

Vida Tennis, Veneto Club, 191 Bulleen Rd, Bulleen


High performance teams don't simply happen.


Those cohesive teams that seem to simply fit together like puzzle pieces are the result of hard work, inspirational leadership, and individuals who are willing to give of themselves to help everyone reach their full potential.


High performance teams exist within environments where "leaders and their teams raise one another to higher levels of motivation and performance."


This session delivers valuable insights into the dynamics of high performance teams and provides practical and immediately applicable techniques to help leaders and their teams create and maintain a high performance team while at the same time fulfilling their full potential in an authentic and sustainable manner.

The Association of School Business Administrators & Sports Turf Association

17th September, 2015

Ethan College, Melbourne.


This workshop is designed to offer an intensive learning experience covering common leadership challenges faced by women in the VET field and how to overcome them. Looking at leadership fundamentals, techniques for resilience and moving forward in male-dominated industries, this workshop will provide the skills necessary to excel as a leader in this unique environment.

The Women in TAFE and VET Leadership Summit 2015

27th August @9am

Crown Plaza, Melbourne


The first interview is so significant, especially as the child is assuming a much more significant role in choice. How do you structure an interview for a student entering Preparatory Grade? How do you do the same for a student entering Year 5, 6, or 7? What is the best setting: an interview room, an office, or the family home? What aids? Books? Video? Flip-Charts? What take-aways? How do you background your interview? What signs will emerge during the interview to indicate that you are generating the reaction you want?

2015 National Conference - Registrars - Showcasing my School to the Community 

5th June @ 9am

Hotel Windsor - Spring Street, Melbourne 


How can we motivate and inspire the team? What are the things that really “turn people on” about their work? What are the “little things” a leader can do that will lift commitment and morale? What does one then do when all the “little things” have come to naught? Then, can we actually motivate our parent body to do what we need them to do, such as read their notices and return their rsvp’s? And, how do I motivate myself when occasionally everything seems to be going awry?

2015 National Conference - Timely Conversations with my Principal, 

my Business Manager and my Colleagues

22nd May @ 1.30pm

Hotel Windsor - Spring Street, Melbourne 

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