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A new year dawns

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

The beginning of a new year heralds a unique opportunity to transform yourself and step into the next 12 months being whatever and whomever you decide.

The gift of a new year brings deep reflection and introspection that amplifies the process of self-inquiry, expanding our emotional awareness. This heightened awareness allows us to select what of the old we bring forward and blend with the new, to create the future we desire.

Similar to a New Years resolution, an intention defines that which you are seeking to achieve in the next 12 months, however unlike a resolution, intentions focus less on goals and more on the journey that leads to a certain set of outcomes.

Intentions focus on drawing upon our internal power in order to effect long term, positive change, while resolutions tend to be more short term and material in nature.

Intentions seek to address the accumulated residue of past thoughts and actions allowing us to journey inward to reach the peace and stillness that is at the core of the authentic self.

My own intention for this year is to give full reign to my curiosity - to give myself the gift of time to explore the myriad and one things that I am interested in. To allow my curiosity to guide me towards greater self-awareness and knowledge of my life’s purpose.

It is my belief that a life lived through a curious mind is what ultimately shows our true purpose in life. Each experience provides invaluable insights into ourselves from which we are better able to not only access our authenticity but wield it in a way that allows us to realise our life's purpose...sometimes despite ourselves and often to our own surprise.

I invite you to set your own intention for 2016 , to dwell not upon popular short term goals, but rather on the infinite possibilities that life has to offer and choose your unique 'theme for 2016'.

Set your intention from a place of self-nurture and self-compassion - focus on your own truth and let go of what you feel others would wish for you. They have their own intentions to set and their own path to travel, 2016 is yours to define and fill with all that you wish from it.

Happy 2016!

Deidre Dattoli

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