The quiet revolution

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Learning to quiet the mind in order to lead with the heart.

A key part of the work I do with leaders and their teams is to help them understand the impact the human experience has on their leadership, and in particular how their thoughts, and beliefs shape the way they view, and operate, within their worlds.

We generate between 50,000 - 70,000 thoughts each day, which makes them the single most influential driver of how we perceive and respond to the people and environments around us.

Clearly, operating from a positive and optimistic frame of mind is the ideal we all strive for, however, even the most positive and optimistic of us will, from time to time, find themselves in places where they struggle to let go of some deeply entrenched way of thinking.

And even when we are cognisant of the fact that we are choosing to attach to certain beliefs, the draw can be so powerful, the belief so firmly entrenched, that we struggle to extinguish those repetitive and self-defeating thoughts.

So how can we overcome these thought patterns, and to quiet our busy minds long enough to allow ourselves to tap into our inner calm and listen to our hearts, because it is here that the biggest transformations