Colouring outside the lines

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

I often feel that the more apparently successful, and entrenched in our particular corporate path we become, the more risk averse we become to living our life.

We tend to slip ever deeper into the 'safe zone', diligently colouring within the lines, in order to avoid sticking out.

When we allow ourselves to become trapped by the perceived perfection of those lines we start to introduce self-limiting beliefs, and behaviours into our daily lives which leave us stuck playing out a significantly smaller (tho undoubtedly safer) life within those lines.

Living rigidly within those lines, ultimately strips us of who we are, cutting off our creativity, resourcefulness and unique genius. Instead of embracing, and harnessing our unique creativity we allow the lines to define us, limiting not just our ability to innovate, and create, but also our ability to live our best life.

Your best life, is YOUR life, the one that calls you, that wont leave you alone until you do something about it, that opens doors, and feels right even when its pursuit sometimes fills you with terror.