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Developing Effective Leaders Program


The Developing Effective Leaders program with Life Styles Inventory (LSI), focuses on the competencies leaders, teams and individuals need to be effective and successful business units.

‘Know Thyself’


Knowing who you are now is the first and most important step in deciding who you want to be in the future.


The Developing Effective Leaders Program provides leaders with an important opportunity to look at where their time, energy, thinking and behaviour are spent when it comes to leading self and others.


You will also learn how your thinking influences your life, interaction with others and how you go about completing tasks. Your thinking impacts how effective you are in the various roles and relationships you have in your life: as an individual, friend, partner, parent, team member, manager and in business as a leader.


Developing Effective Leaders course teaches you to identify your strengths and weaknesses, and your thinking and behaviour that affects you and others. With these identified, you will increase your:


  • Satisfaction both personally and professionally

  • Self-esteem

  • Productivity

  • Quality of work

  • Awareness of opportunities in your career advancement


Program Objectives


The developing effective leaders program has been designed to assist and build on the leadership capacity of leaders.


Attendee:– Improve leadership effectiveness


  • Increase self-awareness and EQ

  • Increase intra-personal relationships

  • Understand leadership behavior and its impact on others


Attendee’s Team:– Improve team effectiveness and synergy


  • Increase effective team behaviors

  • Enhance inter-team relationships


Attendee’s Organisation:– Improve organisational leadership


  • Increase staff satisfaction, engagement and retention

  • Enhance profitability, sales growth and customer service

  • Enhance a constructive culture


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