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REVIEW - Wardrobe Recharge


Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes, but nothing to wear?

Timeframe: 4 hrs (approx.)


Discover your true personal style and how to communicate it with ease and confidence. Learn a system to turn a cluttered, unorganised wardrobe into a calm, organised wardrobe where your outfits are easy to find. Learn how to re-invent old items into new looks that will save you time, energy and money.


1. Style Consultation


Gain clarity on your current look and style and realise your aspirations for your future style to show your true uniqueness. Every body shape has amazing attributes and together we will identify your own amazing personal look. Learn the art to illusion dressing just for you so you can look amazing and feel confident every day.


2. Wardrobe Makeover


Your wardrobe is prime real estate and every piece has to be valuable and working. Reinvent your wardrobe by assessing what’s working and valuable and what’s not working. Learn how you can make many outfits with the pieces you have and design your wardrobe to turn chaos into an organised area that saves you time and energy when it comes to selecting what to wear.


If there are any gaps in your wardrobe’s full potential for your style these will also be identified. You will be provided a list of items to purchase to complete your wardrobe.


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