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REFRESH - Embrace Your Style


Do you have difficulty finding outfits that flatter your look and body shape?

Timeframe: 7 hours (approx.)


Feel empowered and confident in expressing your true unique self with ease and confidence. Uncover how to effortlessly communicate your style with ease and confidence, honouring your natural beauty inside and out. Uncover the secrets to look and feel amazing everyday.


1. Style Consultation


Gain clarity on where your style is right now and realise your aspirations for your future style and true uniqueness. Every body shape has amazing attributes and together we will identify your own amazing personal look. Learn the art to illusion dressing just for you so you can look amazing and feel confident every day.


2. Wardrobe Makeover


Your wardrobe is prime real estate and every piece has to be valuable and working. Reinvent your wardrobe by assessing what’s working and valuable and what’s not working. Learn how you can make many different outfits with the pieces you have and create a shopping list to fill the gaps in your wardrobe within your budget.


3. Personal Shopping Experience


We will go shopping where I will teach you what to look for on the clothes racks that suit your body and your style to save time and disappointment in the fitting room.


4. Wardrobe Integration


Once we have bought your new pieces, I will teach you how to get creative with your old and new pieces to define and embrace your true style.


You will be able to mix, match and accessorise like a true professional.


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